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What Others Are Saying
Kerul has helped others via her numerous radio interviews, workshops,
and other services and products in addition to her new book

"WOW!! I can't thank you enough. You touched on things that we hadn't heard before that can help us immediately in our everyday lives. I personally have been 'looking for' a tool to help me be more mindful/focused at work and I liked your suggestions. I could tell by the interactions and the discussion that you sparked that it was meaningful for everyone!"
Elizabeth Donohue Empowering Women Network

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session. Thank you for working with us to provide such a valuable resource for our members. I really had a great experience."
Karen McRitchie Program Chair for Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services Conference

"I read your 'Stop Procrastinating Now' book, and found it quite helpful. Not focusing on finishing is what I'm working on!"
Christina M. Finneran, Acting Manager of Education and Research Consulting, Information Technology, Bowdoin College

"Thank you so much for the workshop. I learned so much. Both my husband and I picked up some tips that we started using right away."
Barb Winget

"Thank you so much for appearing on CALLING ALL AUTHORS today. I really enjoyed your information about your books on procrastination, and honestly, I should get them BOTH!"
Valerie Connolly Nightengale Press and CallingAllAuthors.com

"I've already read your book completely and am about to start again and actually do the exercises. I found it to be very interesting and helpful. I really like the way you help us to see why we are procrastinating in the first place and then decide if it is because we aren't really interested or we are overwhelming ourselves with the "finish line". I find I relate to several of your profiles but I'm definitely an E. It brought up so much emotion when I was reading towards the end about the E because that is me. So thank you very much for the book."
Pegatha McKeon You Bet Your Glass: http://www.glassart7.biz/YBYG/

Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet. Hear how Kerul's techniques have helped others.
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