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Productive Procrastination - Introduction

"Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he's supposed to be doing at the moment."
–Robert Benchley

Would you rather eat a live worm than file that pile of papers on your desk? Might you almost prefer to have a tooth drilled than start on that project you've been avoiding? (Let's not even talk, yet, about making that long-delayed dental appointment!) How relieved would you be if I told you that you can feel GOOD about approximately half the instances in which you believe you're procrastinating?

That's right, no more self-recriminations, no more hair shirts, no more feeling like a slacker because you haven't gotten to (fill in the blank). How much does that really help you get things done, anyway?

The plain truth is that we all have a whole lot more that we need to do (not to mention what we'd like to do) than we have time for. There is no way we can complete all our plans, projects, responsibilities, and obligations, simply because we have far too many of them for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (thank goodness for leap year…and extra day!)
This means we need to concentrate on planning and completing those items that are the most important to us, that have the greatest ramifications on our ability to feel successful, capable, accomplished, and fulfilled. The result is that we'd be better served by "productively procrastinating" on many of the tasks and projects we've been putting off! What a great idea!

In these pages you'll find some welcome liberation from the belief that you have to do everything, all the time, and perfectly at that. The first section of this book focuses on determining where procrastination might not really be happening, where you're successfully engaging in productive procrastination, and how to tell the difference between productive and destructive procrastination.

The second section describes a number of relatively simple, easy, and successful ways to motivate yourself to get started on and complete those important things you really are procrastinating on. Play with these, experiment, and don't stop trying until you're successful at it.

When all is said and done, procrastination is really just a head game, a matter of attitude and perspective. We can persuade ourselves that the task is too large, onerous, painful, or we can see the task as a brief challenge on our path to reaching the achievement.

This book is based on my work with hundreds of people who have identified procrastination as what holds them back from some of the success and happiness they desire. It has been written for those people I typically work with: those who are already doing a lot, but feel overwhelmed by the unending onslaught of "more to do."

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