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Start living the life of success, meaning, and fulfillment you deserve - using the same tools the rich and the famous use to build their own stellar lifestyles...

Dear friend,

Do you ever read about celebrities like Angelina Jolie (who makes movies back-to-back while raising her children, works the publicity machine like a pro, acts as a UN Ambassador, endorses charities around the world AND looks completely stunning while doing all of it), or Catherine Zeta Jones (sculpting her way back into perfect shape just weeks afterdelivering her latest child while commanding millions of dollars per movie, runningher own production company and supporting worthy causes like young adults withcerebral palsy and an international center for missing and exploited children)and wonder how they do it?

Do you ever watch famous athletes like Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters rocketing their way through the ranks breaking one record after another while running successful businesses, founding charitable organizations and inspiring millions of children and adults...and wish you could do the same?

And let's not forget cultural megastars like Oprah, Martha Stewart and Madonna- apparently able to save the world, pursue their dreams and reinvent themselvesday in and day out, all while keeping an immaculate house, eating healthy mealsand looking like they stepped straight out of a movie set.

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to achieve your own incredible results and experiencea deep sense of accomplishment in your life?

The fact is, you can! If you know thesecret, that is…

"...make amazing progress..."

“The benefit I got from [the Power Decluttering 5-Week eCourse] is life changing…I really did get in there and make amazing progress in de-cluttering my life AND it feels so good!"

Elizabeth Mollner, San Rafael, CA


The Secret to Super-Star Success

Kerul KasselMy name is Kerul Kassel and I’ve spent my life working with people just like you –people who’ve tried over and over to reach their goals and find fulfillmentin their lives, only to struggle with success time and time again no matter howhard they work.

Let me give you a little tip from someone who's personally achieved –and helped others achieve – the sort of success that seems to come so easilyto the rich and famous:

No one - not even the smartest, richest andmost talented person on the planet - comes close to achieving these sorts ofresults on their own. No one.

The secret to megastar success is that celebrities have something most of usdon’t – access to top-quality professional advice, assistance andresources on tap 24 hours a day. Take all that away and they’d be justlike other mere mortals – struggling to reach even the most basic goalswhile keeping up with the demands of day to day.

Most of us know this, of course. So why don't we take advantage of this knowlegeto help us reach our professional and personal goals? It's because most people don't think they can eitherget or afford this sort of help for themselves.

Sound familiar?

Now, everything you need to create the life of your dreams - all the same resourcesand professional help the stars have to help them live lives most of us can onlydream of - is now within your reach. What's more, it can all be yours for onlya few dollars a day.

All you have to do is say, "Yes!"

"...small achievable steps...produced huge results!"

"Kerul gets to the real issues.  She helped me figure out solutions to my own unique challenges and then offered small achievable steps that produced huge results!"

Pam Hillinger

"...I felt motivated to move forward on various projects and dreams..."

“Kerul coached me from feeling totally stagnated about my life to feeling inspired and excited professionally and personally.  After our session, I felt motivated to move forward on various projects and dreams that I have had.  She went very deep at one point, and I know the shift is lasting. Thank you Kerul, I am feeling myself again.”

Tracy Laverty


Introducing the Procrastivity MasterMind Program

One of the biggest reasons people fail to reach their goals is procrastination. It's why having a support team is so effective, and why doing it alone is so hard. When you're accountable to your professional trainer, personal dietician or private coach, you can't slack off or make excuses.

But over the years, I’ve noticed that it wasn’t just standard, garden-varietyprocrastination preventing my clients from reaching their goals. It was somethingmore insidious - selective procrastination. Because of fears,doubts and insecurities, my clients were squandering their precious time andenergy on pointless busywork, while procrastinating of the things that were reallyimportant to them.  

As a result of this discovery, I created what I call the Procrastivity technique – using productive,creative procrastination to “put off” the stuff that’sgetting in your way and learning how to blast through the procrastination that’spreventing you from reaching your goals.

This process has been incredibly successful. In fact, I used it myself to createa dream lifestyle for myself that I absolutely love.

You see, I wasn't always the successful coach and woman I am now. When I firststarted out, I was running a tiny practice in the dreary Northeast - strugglingto break even, sweating to get every sale and worrying whether my business bankaccount would have enough money to pay the credit card bill each month. I hadbegun to wonder if I would ever get any closer to the life I always knew I wantedto live...or if this was as far as I was going to go. It was a chilling thought.

However, after discovering and using the Procrastivity techniques in my own life,I've been able to make changes in my life that are nothing short of a miracle.

These days I'm living in a beautiful, custom-built house in the brand new andenvironmentally intelligent town of Harmony, FL. I have a well-respected, thrivingbusiness and a full client load to keep me busy. I've also written an award-winningbook and have recently released another one that's just now hitting the shelves.My family also owns a beautiful 5-home, 250-acre estate in the gorgeous CatskillMountains, where we spend a few weeks every month from May through Septemberenjoying the scenery, exploring nature and just taking time to be together asa family.

I’ve been quoted in TIME Magazine,The New York Times, The Chicago Tribute,Real Simple magazine and several other publications. I’ve worked with organizationssuch as Sony, Volvo, Hilton, NASA, and Sysco. I’ve been on magazine coversand have been head-hunted for six-figure, high profile executive coaching positions.I’m also a doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University, studying humanpotential in their Human Development program.

What really puts the cherry on top for me, though, is the horses. I've alwaysloved horses. Their beauty, power and spirit have captivated me since I was alittle girl. But before I turned my life around, however, the idea of being ableto have a horse of my own was simply out of the question. But now, thanks tothe changes I've been able to make in my life through Procrastination, wenow have two horses of our own! We spend a couple of weeks training withthem at a renowned natural horsemanship school, and I arrange my time so I canplay with my horses one or two mornings during the business week.

And if that weren't enough, every year for the last 4 years I’ve been ableto travel to Hawaii for a vacation. Talk about living a dream life!

My current lifestyle now is a dreamcome true for me - everything I've ever wanted is either here now or is beingactively pursued. But just having this sort of dream lifestyle isn't enough.Oh, don't get me wrong - it's an amazing feeling to look back over the past fewyears and see how far I've come. But it's important to me as a human being tobe able to share my blessings and give something back - to live a life that'smeaningful and fulfilling, as well as personally rewarding. And through the powerof Procrastination, not only have I managed to change my own life, but I’malso continually finding new and exciting ways to unleash and engage my own uniquepotential to make a difference in the world.

I have to tell you, it's a breathtaking feeling...a feeling you will share, too,when you put the power of Procrastivity at work in your life.

"...I felt alive in ways that I don't think I have felt since I was that little girl..."

“This morning I felt alive in ways that I don't think I have felt since I was that little girl I found inside of me again today. I was even looking at the mundane world around me with completely different eyes, just noticing and just being curious about what I was feeling and seeing. Thank you for that gift. You are a great coach.” 

Mary Frances Moehlman


Looking back on where I was and how far I’ve come leaves me speechless with gratitude. And knowing the power of the Procrastivity process - how much it’s allowed me to achieve and how far it’s helped me come - there’s simply no way I can keep all of this to myself.

I know I can change the lives of othersby teaching them the same skills and methods I used to create my own dream life.I know the struggles and roadblocks that occur along the way to success…ANDI know the solutions. If I can make my dreams come true - using the techniquesI discovered while creating the Procrastivity process - so can you!

Just take a look at the results some of my other clients have achieved using the Procrastivity process:

(Please note that all names have been changed for privacy reasons.)

  • Linda has editors and agents lined up waiting for her very first book.  A marketing executive who kept talking about wanting to write a book, Linda kept letting work and mom activities take priority over her dreams. 7 months later, she’s completed her first draft, is attending writing workshops and events and even has agents and a couple of editors eager to be the first to see her manuscript.

  • Sandy changed careers and substantially increased her revenue. Sandy had moved abroad with her family to her husband’s country and was discouraged because her communications consulting business was languishing.  Sandy landed a contract to do full time change-agent work with an international organization, which then increased her contract to include communications consulting. Today, she not only earns a lot more money, but also easily negotiated a contract extension that will almost certainly lead to a long-term relationship.

  • Tom left a business he had come to hate to create one he absolutely loves and implemented several work-life balance strategies, all without missing a beat financially. When we met, Tom was working with a board of directors and executives who were ineffectual, egotistical, and acted like spoiled children. What’s worse, they were taking the business down with them. That, and a few personal issues, brought him into my practice. Now he’s now going on dates with his wife, has enrolled in a weight loss program (and lost over 60 pounds!), gave up some activities that he no longer had his heart in and gave his notice at the board of directors. He has also started his own successful business consulting firm with a cherished associate and is looking forward to a life of personal and professional fulfillment.

  • Dan ramped up his online and passive revenue businesses to sustain his lifestyle and freed him to spend more time with his family and friends. Before Procrastivity coaching, Dan felt like a slave to his business and a ghost to his family. He was really stressed about his workload, but thought everything would fall apart if he took time away. After less than a month of Procrastivity coaching, he found ways to streamline his business obligations and increase his passive revenue streams so he could go on vacations with his wife and kids, help around the house, and have regular weekend barbeques with his friends and neighbors, all while building his financial portfolio.

  • Barbara redesigned her business model to increase her revenue by 25% while also reducing travel so she can enjoy her new custom-built home. Barbara was a financial advisor stuck in “I have to do it all myself” mode and feeling huge pressure to provide for their family, as her husband was in training to be a professional athlete.  They had built a custom home, but because her clients were far-flung she felt she had to spend 1-2 weeks each month traveling to see them, and so was away from home a lot more than she wanted to be.  Through Procrastivity coaching, we were able to wean her down to fewer travel days less often, while simultaneously improving her bottom line by enhancing her client demographics (referring less than ideal clients to other advisors) and looking at ways to build her team so she could spend more time serving clients directly rather than on administration.
  • James successfully developed a leadership team at his office (taking huge pressure off him and doubling revenues), which allowed him to travel the globe and participate in charitable work. A consultant to large professional firms, James had also started an additional business with a partner. Eventually, he realized he was doing more than his share of the work and wasn’t following through on some important items, because he was busy doing other, less important tasks.  Over the course of a year, James built a team that helped generate six-figure revenues for each partner, while freeing him up to travel more and spend more time helping a children’s non-profit organization he cares deeply about.

Over the years, I've created coaching programs, classes, articles, workshops and even written books teaching others how to put Procrastivity to work for them. But after watching these success stories unfold - and seeing for myself the amazing difference that live, ongoing support and 24-hour access to cutting edge resources can make - I've decided to pull all of my knowledge and experience together and combine it with live coaching, live motivational calls and a built-in support team to create a super-star-level program designed to help you reach your goals and live the life you've been dreaming about.

"...I have been able to reach new heights in organization."

“I think of myself of a very organized individual, yet with [the Power Decluttering 5-Week] teleclass on CD...I have been able to reach new heights in organization. I now own a lot less paper – lol – paper I should not have kept in the first place…my place looks so much better and I haven’t had to ‘apologize’ that the place was untidy in the last four months!  Thank you again Kerul!”

Patty Foley, Newington, CT


Consider this: You could be living your life and creating your own personal version of success - just  like those high-flying celebrities do, surrounded by an enthusiastic supportteam, with the best professional resources and advice and an experienced, dedicatedcoach available on call to provide live coaching and live intensive training,plus answer all of your questions.

And it’s all yours for less than a tiny fraction ofwhat the glitterati pay!



In order to assure that I’m able to provide everyone with the personalized, individual attention they need to succeed, I’m limiting the number of participants in this program to just two groups of 30 lucky people each.

Procrastivity is an incredibly successful process with a proven track record. Once my clients and colleagues hear about this program, these slots won’t last long. Reserve your seat today!


Here's what you’ll receive with your Procrastivity MasterMind Program Membership

redarrow Individual Private Laser Coaching

No more getting stuck! Personal, private 10-minute laser coaching sessions will help you blast through obstacles, brainstorm ideas or find direction. I have open phone hours weekly Tuesday through Thursday from 12pm until 3pm Eastern/NY, and 6:30-8pm Eastern/NY set aside just for Procrastivity Mastermind members.

Value: Normally charged at $100/call.

redarrowMy award-winning book, Stop Procrastinating Now - Five Radical Procrastination Strategies That Set You Free Right Now

Over 100 pages of creative, practical ideas that will jump-start your success with fast, easy and powerful results. You'll receive both the downloadable ebook form - so you can put these valuable tips to work for you immediately - and the print version for your reference library.

I'm always a bit skeptical when reading a "solution" in a book but this one is the real deal.  Thank you for giving me a whole new way of looking at how I get things done... I am already much more productive as a result of the techniques in this book.”

Maria E. Andreu, Marketing Solutions Consultant

Value: This book retails for $16.95, plus shipping.

redarrow  Live Monthly Teleclasses

Stay on top of your goals with an entire year’s worth of intensive learning. Your curriculum includes these live calls, plus downloadable recordings, so you never miss a thing:
  • Call 1: The Down and Dirty on Easy, Effective Planning for Small Business Owners: Do’s and Don’ts of Professional and Personal Planning

  • Call 2: Clearing Up Confusing Myths About Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners: “Can I Have a Successful Small Business and Still Have a Life?”

  • Call 3: Doubts and Second Thoughts – What To Do When Getting A Job Starts Looking Appealing Again

  • Call 4: Profitability Secrets for Small Business Owners and Professionals

  • Call 5: Acing the Small Business Juggle – Automating Your Spinning Plates

  • Call 6: Optimal Effectiveness - Tools and Resources for Making The Most Of Every Moment, Every Day

  • Call 7: The Moment Of Truth – Procrastivity and Procrastination on Challenging Tasks and Projects

  • Call 8: When the Going Gets Tough – Easily Rising Above the Inevitable Roadblocks

  • Call 9: What Small Business Owners and Professionals Need To Know About Hiring Freelancers and Employees So They Don’t Get Burned

  • Call 10: Getting Past “I’m Not a Good Writer!” – Overcoming Writing Blocks about Websites, Brochures, Articles, Ezines, Blogs, and More

  • Call 11: Why So Many Small Business Owners and Professionals Leave So Much Money On The Table – Increasing Revenue While Working Less

  • Call 12: If Marketing Is Your Least Favorite Business Activity – Business Development for Small Biz Owners and Professionals Who Hate Selling and Marketing

Value: These live classes currently sell for $200 each, plus an extra $50 or so for the downloads/CDs. You get both the live class and a downloadable recording each month, bringing your value to $250/month!

redarrow 2-Hour Quarterly Group MasterMind calls

Catch up with other members and get the personal support you need to succeed. I’ll be on the call for the first hour to make sure everyone has a chance to ask questions and get individual help. During the second hour, you’ll be working as a group to support each other, troubleshoot goals, ask for resources and share your wisdom in a group setting.

Value: Group coaching is normally valued at $100/hr, making each of these calls worth over $60/month.

redarrow  Email Answers to All of Your Questions

Got a quick question? Just need a bit of clarification or insight to help you get going in the right direction, something that doesn't warrant a complete coaching session but that's bugging you all the same? No problem! Email me anytime and get a quick response to your questions. In addition, these questions and answers will form a members-only database as well, which all members will have access to online 24/7.

Value: My standard email coaching fee is $75/email, and access to specialized online members-only online faqs/databases easily go for $30/month and up, giving you a minimum total value over $100/month.

redarrow  Recordings of Real-Life Procrastination Coaching Sessions

Hear how others have used Procrastivity to solve their problems and reach their goals. Listen in on six recorded procrastination coaching sessions per year, featuring a different client with a different focus in each recording. You’re sure to learn something new every time.

Value: Recordings and CD’s of live coaching go for $200/each x 6 per year, making your value $100/month.

redarrow  Members-Only Procrastivity MasterMind Online Forum

Your Members-Only Procrastivity MasterMind Online Forum is the place to go to find group support in immediate setting, to post questions, get support, share resources and ideas, get cheerleading, pat on back, share wins, offer support and help to others and just hang out with other MasterMind members. It's your online Procrastivity home away from home, and your day-to-day support system as you "prodictively procrastinate" your way to success.

Value: Members-only learning forums commonly go for at least $30/month.

redarrow  Bonus: Procrastivity MasterMind Resource Library

Supplement your learning and to ensure you receive the maximum value for your investment with a selection from the Procrastivity MasterMind Resource Library during the alternate months when you don't receive a recorded coaching session. The Resource Library is an amazing compendium of books, e-courses, special reports, articles, recordings, worksheets and more specifically designed to maximize your learning and increase your success.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find:
  • Books, such as Productive Procrastination and Ab$olutely $atisfied – Mental Yoga For Growing Your Money Muscles

  • Email courses that will turbo-charge your productivity, like The Power Decluttering E-Course, 5 steps a week for 5 weeks to get yourself organized

  • Special reports, featuring such topics as 3 Simple Secrets for Tripling Your Productivity– Sustainably and The Top Ten Critical Skills To Get Things Done Now And Overcome Procrastination Forever

  • Online articles, with targeted information like A Better Life, Career, Business Through...Letting Go and Recipe for Stopping The Cycle Of Doing It At The Last Second

  • Plus recordings, worksheets, assessments and much, much more!

Value: There’s no way to accurately estimate the value of this incredible resource, but even conservative estimates easily top $400/year at full retail.

"...innovative and top-notch, far above the rehashed stuff I've seen elsewhere..."

"I always get a valuable tool or tip I can use right away when I read Kerul's [articles].  She presents her simple, effective techniques in a way that is easily understand, and easy to implement.  What she offers is innovative and top-notch, far above the rehashed stuff I've seen elsewhere, and she offers it compassionately, concisely, and authentically."

Donna Steinhorn. Life, Executive and Mentor Coach


Your membership includes everything – my award-winning book Stop Procrastinating Now, the live monthly teleclasses, the quarterly group calls, the audio series, the live monthly private laser coaching calls, as-needed email coaching/members-only database, recorded Procrastivity coaching calls, the members-only forum AND the Procrastivity MasterMind Resource Library – a package that would cost you over $700 a month at full retail value!

I had initially decided to price this package at 40% of the retail value- at $300 per month, this membership would still be an incredible bargain. Butafter considering it, I realized that even at less than half the retail price,it would still be out of reach for many people - people who have so much potentialand so much to give back to the world, but whose current income wouldn't allowthem to participate.

So I’ve decided to reduce the price to less than 15% of the full retail value!

For a limited time only, the Procrastivity MasterMind Program is priced at thebreathtaking Introductory price of only $97/month! That’s right, just $97 a month!

That's less than you'd normally pay for just one class, one laser coaching session or one of the CDs! And you'll get all of those resources - and more - each and every month you remain a member! But you must act fast to lock in this price - once the first group is full, the Introductory period will be over and it will never be this low again!

"...you have made a huge impact on my life..."

“Thanks again, Kerul.  As I mentioned...the other day, my two main issues recently have been organization and prosperity.  For me to take this class now was a huge step of faith because of the cost (at this moment, my budget is extremely tight).  I just wanted you to know that you have made a huge impact on my life, one I needed very much right now, and that the value of the class to me was worth far more than the price.”

Kate Coletti


That's an enormous discount, I know. So why do it? For one simple reason: I believe that Procrastivity is such an astounding effective and powerful tool that I wanted anyone to have a chance to try out this life-changing concept for themselves, no matter what, and I didn't want a higher price to give you a reason to say no. In fact, I wanted to create such a gobsmackingly huge deal that your inner procrastination demons would be completely blown away by the value and unable to talk you out of taking the first step to creating your fabulous life - and lifestyle..

(Yes, I did have to limit the program to just two groups of 30 participants.So not everyone can take part, obviously.But I had to do that, because it was the only way to make sure every single participantgot the personal attention they deserved. Besides, knowing the membership islimited just gives you one more reason not to procrastinate! :-D )

But those little do-it-later devils are tenacious suckers, so I also made surethat you faced absolutely no risk for saying yes…

Your No-Fuss, No-Muss Two Month Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Celebs get to try out everything before they buy, so why shouldn't you? In fact, I'll give you TWO WHOLE MONTHS to try the Procrastivity MasterMind Program with absolutely no risk whatsoever. Let me say that again: You get two full months to try the Procrastivity Mastermind Group before making up your mind.

The Procrastivity MasterMindProgram is a hands-on program; it won't work if you don't participate.So, to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your trial period, there are norestrictions. This isn't one of those"limited-access trials" either. You have 100% access: Attend the calls,listen to the recordings, read the materials, take advantage of the free privatecoaching calls...I want to be able to see for yourself that this program is everythingI've said it is. 

In fact, I am so completely convinced that this program is the ticket to yoursuccess that I personally pledge to have oneof my trusted team of Procrastivity Resource Assistants call each and every newmember during their trial period to answer any questions, resolve anyconcerns and ensure that you are getting as much value out of your trial membershipas possible.

However, if your trial membership doesn't convince you that the Procrastivity MasterMindProgram is everything I've said it is, all you have to do is cancelbefore your first payment (at the beginning of the third month) and you pay nothing excepta nominal shipping and handling fee for the hard-copy materials you received,guaranteed. Just send me an email and your subscription will be cancelled withintwo business days.

We’re a member of the Better BusinessBureau Online Reliability Program, and we take that membership seriously.Your satisfaction is our priority.

"...it all became so much more doable..."

"I am inspired by your 15 minute de-clutter process I picked up from the teleclass the other week  -  I now have a sparkling clean bathroom, clear kitchen bench top and a more beautiful feel to my bedroom - so that’s so excellent - thank you ! This was fantastic! Then I recognized that I could do my book the same way, or my website or anything else - it all became so much more doable because of your 15 minute process. Thanks heaps Kerul!"

Barbie Kitto, Australia

Stop letting procrastination sabotage your success and start creating the successful, fulfilling and meaningful life the same way the rich and famous do...with all the resources, personal attention and support you need right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Classes begin in March of 2008. So what are you waiting for? You deserve the very best in life. Click the button to start today…

PS: As hockey star Wayne Gretsky once said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."  Go ahead, take your shot! There's absolutely no risk, so you've got nothing to lose...and everything to gain.

PPS: Don't forget - this program is limited to two groups of 30 members only. Openings are selling out quickly and the Introductory price won't last long! Don't let procrastination steal your chance for super-star success…reserve your seat today.

Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet. Hear how Kerul's techniques have helped others.
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