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Productive Procrastination - BOOK

  Productive Procrastination book by Kerul Kassel
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Could it actually be wise to procrastinate sometimes? Heavens! Could that be possible?! This book contains the secrets to understanding when it can be productive to procrastinate, and provides strategies for switching on the inspiration and motivation to start and finish the important tasks and goals you've been putting off.

  • What procrastination really is, and what being a procrastinator means about you - and it's not that you're a lazy, disorganized slacker, either.
  • When procrastination might be beneficial (more often than you think!) and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to determine when it's good and when it's not good to procrastinate.
  • Zapping destructive procrastination at the root and heading it off at the pass.
  • How to get things done with less struggle and resistance, including a simple exercise to take you from dread to delight.
If you know that what is holding you back from the success you want is that you're not doing what you know you need to do, that you're putting things off, delaying things continually, you're an eleventh hour person, or if you think "procrastinator" is your middle name, this book was written for you!

Stop Procrastinating Now - BOOK

Stop Procrastinating Now by Kerul Kassel  
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Stop Procrastinating Now:
Five Radical Procrastination Strategies To Set You Free


My five radical strategies are unlike anything you've tried before.
No complicated diaries, no post-its all over your desk, no alarms, no drugs, no nagging and, best of all, no more stress.

Sound impossible? What you need are time management techniques, ways of prodding yourself to get more accomplished, right? Let me ask you this: how many of those have you tried? And have they worked? If they had, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you? You were attracted to this because you’re looking for the solution that will stick. And you’ve found it.

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"Kassel teaches many different ways that can be easily learned to stop putting off things that need to get done now. The writing is light hearted and is very simple to follow to change bad habits."
Midwest Book Review

"I really enjoyed the ebook! No matter what kind of procrastinator you are and we all are one kind or another; this will get you headed in the right direction. I got a few things done the day I read it that I had been putting off for weeks. Thanks Kerul, for the kick in the pants."
Lester McNeely , Harmony, FL

"I have read many books and articles on procrastination and have even delivered workshops on the topic but am still struggling with "never getting around" to certain tasks. What really jumped out in Kerul's e-book is her statement "Intention without action is like a car without wheels; you may have a vehicle but it's really hard to get around. WOW!!! I am going to print this in large letters and post it all over my home to remind my that intentions are only the first part. If I want to achieve my goals, I have to put my intentions into action."
Francesca Riley, Montreal, Canada

"Kerul's Five Radical Procrastination Strategies is sure to get you out of your head, and into action. I particularly enjoyed the helpful (and often entertaining) real-life examples woven throughout the book. Good stuff!"
Kathy Gulrich, Marketing & Product Development Coach. www.smARTbusinessCoaching.com,New York, NY

"Kerul, I was informed, enlightened and even entertained by your book. Of particular interest to me were the real-life stories about creative ways to overcome procrastination (like the client who had to pay you an extra $50 if she didn't get her writing done!) I also saw myself in the description of the "anticrastinator" - the person who rushes to get things completed and doesn't really enjoy the process. Full of practical strategies and wise insights, this book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to overcome procrastination."
Barbra Sundquist, AC-CC, CVCC, www.becomeacertifiedcoach.com,Certified Mentor Coach, Vancouver, Canada

Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet.
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