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Kerul Kassel - About the Author

A recognized expert in productivity and procrastination, Kerul Kassel works with executives, professionals, and business owners to improve their results and address the important actions and decisions they’ve been putting off. Kerul is an internationally recognized professional coach, author, speaker, and teleclass leader. She’s certified through the International Coach Federation, the International Association of Coaches and other coaching organizations. Her clients are small business owners, professionals, executives, and she has worked with corporate organizations such as NASA, Sony, Hilton, and Volvo. Her expertise has been utilized and mentioned in many periodicals, and she was recently quoted in TIME magazine as a procrastination "nichepert".

Kerul can be hired for individual or group consulting and coaching, and for customized workshops. For more information, visit www.NewLeafSystems.com.

For information on her Procrastination Solutions Kit, visit www.StopProcrastinatingNow.com.
Kerul and her husband recently realized a long time dream of building an environmentally sensible house, living a bi-latitudinal lifestyle in New York and Florida, and is on a journey of courage training her 1750 lb. horse Goldilocks to be her partner and collaborator.

Kerul Kassel quoted in TIME Magazine!
Kerul Kassel quoted in TIME Magazine!

Kerul has been quoted in the October 9, 2006 issue of Time Magazine, in an article titled "Meet The Nicheperts". This article refers to procrastination as it relates to the workplace.

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Media testimonials:

"Kerul's book is a fantastic tool and the insight she provided willhelp a
lot of people, including me! Kerul followed my lead, providing answers to
the questions I asked, and sharing real life examples of people who had
followed her methods with success. She was engaging, fun and encouraging --
everything one needs in a talk show guest!"

dM (Donna Maria Coles Johnson)
Founder and CEO, Indie Business Media, LLC
For Media: http://www.Indie.Presskit247.com
Phone: (704) 291-7280
Email: donnamaria@carolina.rr.com

"Kerul was an excellent guest on my radio show,
The Courage to Be You. Her information was deep with substance and very helpful. Her presentation was upbeat with good voice inflection and response. She comes highly recommended by me."

Brad Denham
Brad Denham Life Coaching
866.722.6263 free

Book Reviews:

Productive Procrastination Book Review
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The Vail Daily - February 25, 2008

Productive Procrastination Book Review
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The Lima News, Ohio - February 14, 2008

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Chicago Tribune, September 26, 2007.
Overcome stress of that subborn e-mail buildup

New York Newsday, August 7, 2007.
Kerul quoted in Newsday article "Must you always have a sense of urgency?"

Orlando Sentinel Daily Business Buzz, July, 2007.
Kerul quoted in the Sentenel's "Tip of the Day"

Your Home: Get Organized: Tuesday, February 20, 2007.
Central Florida News 13

You LIke Me!: Jan. 29, 2007.
Reading Eagle - Reading, PA, USA    |PDF|

Meet the Nicheperts: Oct. 9, 2006.
Time Magazine, USA

Summer spent jogging, dogging.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Excuses run rampant, out of control, in the workplace.
The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Rebuilding lost trust is difficult, but important.
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Want More Success? Be Lazy!

Procrastination Interview Questions:

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Sample Interview Audio:

Kerul's Interview on "Issues Today Radio" radio show
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Kerul's Interview on "Chat with Women" radio show
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Kerul's Interview on "WHBC: Canton, OH, The Morning Show with Fred and Pam"
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Kerul's interview and live laser coaching on The Coaching Show

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Kristen Schowe
775 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 104
Orlando, FL 32811

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Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet. Hear how Kerul's techniques have helped others.
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