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Productive Procrastination - Table of Contents


Part I: Procrastination Celebration!
Chapter 1: Let Go of Those Limiting Labels!
Chapter 2: Procrastinating for Success
Chapter 3: Stop "Shoulding" on Yourself
Chapter 4: Watched Pots and Your Best Instincts
Chapter 5: The Importance of What's Important
Chapter 6: Ready, Set: Wait
Part II: Procrastination Identification
Chapter 7: When Procrastination Affects You
Chapter 8: When Procrastination Affects Others
Part III: Procrastination Elimination
Chapter 9: It's Real, It's Ugly…Now What?
Chapter 10: Slaying Inner Dragons
Chapter 11: Tapping into the Power of Inspiration
Chapter 12: Giving Yourself an Extra Edge
Part IV: Procrastination Organization
A Few Words about Managing Procrastination in Your Business and Your Organization Bibliography Resources
Part V: Procrastination Diary

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Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet. Hear how Kerul's techniques have helped others.
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